Shynata Kuresa

Shynata Kuresa

Recruitment Consultant

As a Recruitment Consultant, Shynata applies her background in business to solve recruitment problems and perform HR functions. She loves working with people and helping them to achieve their goals in a professional environment. Her duties include headhunting new candidates for roles, liaising with clients and candidates, taking new candidates through the onboarding and registration processes and contributing to improving recruitment methods through platforms such as Seek and LinkedIn.

Working at KRG has helped Shynata to grow her skills, knowledge and experience. She finds supporting the careers of others extremely rewarding and especially enjoys being able to provide opportunities for candidates to step into their careers.

Within the role, Shynata loves being able to personalise her interactions with each person. She strives to provide quality experiences to every person she encounters and credits the KRG team for supporting her in achieving this. Shynata is highly extroverted, goal-driven and can play 5 different instruments.

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